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Information about Vedic Astrology or Jyotish


Learn Mahabote in 9 lessons, based on your own chart: $ 150 if course material can be sent over the internet, $ 175 if sent by regular mail.

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The Mahabote course offers information on:


The application process has two easy steps.

1. Address and birth information

First you begin with filling out the below form and submit it, or you can send the necessary data through email: 

2. Payment

After your application is received you will receive an email confirming that.

Please wait with making a payment till you have received my confirmation email.

When you have received the confirmation email you can go to the payment page (click here for the payment page) and you can choose between different payment methods. The confirmation email will be made manually. So please allow some time for it to be sent.

The course material will be sent when the payment has been received.    



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Questions? Send me email:

registration form Course Applied Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

Dirah Academy International, Brunostraat 64 B, NL 5042 JA Tilburg, Netherlands

Course Agreements

The best way to avoid misunderstanding

1. Registration is confirmed as soon as the completed application form is received.

2. Roeland de Looff MA is the course supervisor.

3. As soon as registration is confirmed the lessons will be send to the student.

4. The course supervisor is obliged to return the completed assignments within seven days after receiving the assignments; both corrected and furnished with comments. Exceptions to this rule are situations beyond the control of the supervisor, e.g. sickness, etc. and holidays. The student will receive notice when this occurs.

5. A good student-supervisor relationship is essential. The supervisor will do everything he can to guide the student through the material. The student should always be polite. Rudeness will not be tolerated. If according to the supervisor rude behaviour takes place the student will receive one warning. If the student persists he will loose all rights. 

6. The student has the right to support by email.

7. a. Should the student not return his assignments or in any way absent himself for a period of three months, the student will lose all his rights.

b. The student may ask for a temporary halt to his study for a maximum period of four months.

8. Paid fees will never be refunded.

9. Once the course has been completed satisfactory, the course supervisor is obliged to issue the student with the certificate of Applied Mahabote, Burmese Astrology. 

Questions? Send me email:

registration form Course Applied Vedic Astrology or Jyotish

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