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Please call Steve on UK 01228  674 225 (or 44-1228-674 225 international) or email steve.hubball@btinternet.com for further information.

Natal Chart Analysis & Astrological Counselling

This enjoyable, uplifting and empowering consultation (in person or via telephone), usually lasting about 1� hours, aims to give you a comprehensive overview of your Vedic horoscope and the karmic patterns it reflects. Areas discussed include relationships, career, finances, health, personal strengths and problems, spiritual growth and future trends.

Knowing and understanding your birth chart allows you to focus on your dharma, or life purpose, to live life in harmony with Nature and Cosmic Law, and to be aware of the different cycles of your life – to go with the flow and not swim against the tide! Steve is a qualified and experienced counsellor and life-coach, and also offers short-term and long-term counselling and life-coaching.

Relationship Compatibility

Using an elaborate Vedic system of compatibility analysis, this consultation provides an effective appraisal of the planetary dynamics existing within personal and business relationships.

Career Analysis

Your Vedic horoscope reveals your natural talents and your karmic destiny regarding career, dharma and right livelihood, in addition to identifying the best time to make a new career move.

Muhurta (finding an auspicious time to begin a new venture)

With Vedic Astrology it is possible to find the most auspicious time to begin a new venture, such as marriage, starting a new business, buying a house or car, etc. This ensures that one has maximum planetary and cosmic support for the development of the new venture.


Ayurveda, India’s system of Natural Health Care, is the ‘sister science’ to Vedic Astrology. Steve has been studying Ayurveda since 1985 and is able to offer advice and guidance on diet and simple daily routines for better health.


Yagyas, or Vedic rituals to support and promote life in harmony with Cosmic Law, can be arranged in India at an exceptionally economic cost.


Here are a few comments from some of Steve’s recent clients:

Being an excellent astrologer is not just about knowing a lot of facts, it is about being sensitive and humble enough to be a vehicle for spiritual forces to work through you on behalf of the other person, because for astrology to work as it was meant to it must also be one’s spiritual path.  When both these factors are present, just a particular word or phrase said in the reading can trigger a massive healing process.  Steve has both knowledge and sensitivity as well as the ability to communicate that knowledge and expertise in a thoroughly professional but gentle manner.  I came away from my reading completely uplifted and validated, with a renewed sense of direction and purpose.

CW, London, England

I have had two consultations with Steve and strongly recommend his excellent services.  The readings have been stunningly accurate, sometimes to the very day!  My personal experience was one of huge relief, and a feeling of being released from the shackles of negativity and ignorance by Steve’s beautiful and compassionate exposition of this marvellous knowledge.  This has had a very uplifting and inspiring effect for my whole life on a very practical level.  I have total confidence in Steve’s integrity and moreover his exceptional knowledge of this very complicated subject which he describes with such elegance.  I am very happy to have him as a learned and trusted advisor.

TS, Sussex, England

As you predicted I have met someone and am keen for a compatibility reading.  The two previous sessions we had have profoundly changed my life and given me a greater understanding of myself and how I work within the world around me which has been so positive.

CM, Brighton, England

I just wanted to drop you a note to say a huge ‘thank you’ for all your time and expertise this morning.  It really was an incredibly interesting, insightful and revealing experience and it has already helped me to feel a lot more reassured about myself, my life and my relationship.  I’m excited to see how things pan out for me over the coming months and look forward to using the insight from our consultation wherever possible.

SL, London, England

Having an astrological reading with Steve was very insightful and informative.   Now that I’m aware of the things that influence me positively and negatively it will help me to work with Nature, rather than against it.  It was one of the most enjoyable hours spent in a while!  I will definitely be informing my friends and family of the benefits.

LM, London, England.

I found the consultation especially helpful in focusing my energy on achievable goals for the future, rather than just drifting from one thing to another as I have done in the past.

DS, Brussels, Belgium

I came away with a feeling of reassurance about the future, and about events in the recent past – the chart explained why according to the positions of the planets some of the recent events were very likely to have happened.

KE, Perth, Scotland

The whole process was fascinating. There were things in my past that I assumed no-one could know unless I chose to tell them; things which were not pleasant and for which, in my ignorance, I have spent many years blaming myself. Steve’s gentle and skilful handling of the sensitive issues raised from within my chart was like a breath of fresh air.

RR, Middlesex, England


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